Resource | 08/30/2022

White Paper: How Advanced Electrical Protection Enables DC Fast Charging

EV charging systems are rapidly maturing, leveraging DC fast charging with the latest in electrical protection solutions. 

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Resource | 07/06/2022

White Paper: Understanding Accelerometer Vibration Sensors Piezoelectric VS. MEMS

Machine Health Monitoring: Understanding Vibration Monitoring

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Resource | 05/13/2022

White Paper: How Vibration Monitoring on your Rotating Equipment can Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Of all the technologies available in the world of machine health monitoring, more commonly known as condition monitoring, vibration monitoring has proven one of the most effective at facilitating p

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Resource | 06/16/2021

White Paper: How thinking wireless can overcome mission critical sensing challenges in industrial applications

By Mark Jamson, Global Segment Marketing Leader, Smart Factories, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 01/08/2021

White Paper: How to Specify Pressure Sensors for Hydraulic Applications

- By Daniel Mullen, Product Manager, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 12/17/2020

White Paper: How to Design a Precharge Circuit for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications

- By Brian Munari, Business Development Manager - HVOR Electrification, Sensata Technologies

Andrew Schneer, Applications Engineer - HVOR Electrification, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 11/10/2020

White Paper: The Advantages of Digital Pressure Sensors in Industrial Applications

- By Martijn Stopel, Sensata Technologies

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Resource | 05/21/2020

White Paper: How Sensors are Moving Material Handling Towards Safe Automation

Automated and integrated systems are proving to be more efficient and cost-effective solutions in industries like Materials Handling.

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