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  • Removes the need for house air
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 1cfm at 15psi air delivery
  • Less than -50°C air dewpoint
  • Continuous relative humidity (%RH) delivery monitoring
  • Low level noise
  • Rack mountable: 19in rack, 5U form factor
  • Bench mountable, remote positioning
  • Continuous operation



  • Purge air for temperature forcing systems
  • Direct supply for iQ-Phase system
  • Direct supply for Sensata liquid/air/LN2 systems


Cutting Edge. Clean. Dependable.

With its safe and continuous supply of clean dry air, the iQ-CDA system is designed to provide all your typical purge air requirements to supplement your temperature forcing system. Sensata Technologies has an exceptional history of more than 95 years and is a leading supplier of interconnect technology.



Input ambient air (%RH) < 40
Output air humidity (%RH) < 0.2
Output air dewpoint (°C) < -50
Output air delivery Up to 1cfm @ 50psig
Controller size (mm) 434W x 222H x 356L
Controller weight (kg) 110
Rack mount 19in (5U)
Output connections 3/8” tube push-connect