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  • Hermetic or environmental sealing options provide design freedom for various environmental conditions
  • Compactly designed to fit small, narrow spaces
  • Snap-acting Klixon® sine switch provides exceptional resistance to shock and vibration
  • Available with either screw or solder lug type terminals
  • Wire leads are available
  • Lead lengths can be supplied to customer requirements


  • Door interlock systems on aircraft and industrial equipment/machinery
  • Aircraft engine ignitions
  • Stowed/deployed indication for thrust reversers
  • Aircraft missle launcher position indication
  • External stores emergency jettison switches
  • Safety ignition indication for military jet engines
  • Radar pod door switches
  • Tank/armored personnel carrier missle launcher switches
  • Tank gun turret position indication


Device Sealed Enclosure Requirement Maximum Temp.
KX4 Symbol 4 per MIL-PRF-8805 (epoxy sealed) 160º F (71°C)
KX5-1 Symbol 5 per MIL-PRF-8805 (fusion sealed) 275º F (135°C)
KX5-2 Symbol 5 per MIL-PRF-8805 (fusion sealed) 375º F (190°C)
  Resilient Standard Temp. Hermetic Standard Temp. Hermetic High Temp.
  KX4 KX5-1 KX5-2
Actuating Force 8 - 24 oz. 8 - 24 oz. 16 - 48 oz.
Release Force 3.0 oz. min. 3.0 oz. min. 3.0 oz. min.
Pretravel 0.025” max. 0.025” max. 0.035” max.
Movement Differential 0.020” max. 0.020” max. 0.024” max.
Overtravel 0.015” min. 0.015” min. 0.015” min.
Positive, Overtravel Stop Yes Yes Yes
Max. Allowable Force on Actuator 25 lbs. Min. 25 lbs. Min. 25 lbs. Min.
Ambient Temperature Range -65°F to +160°F (-53.8°C to +71.1°C) -65°F to +275°F (-53.8°C to +135°C) -65°F to +375°F (-53.8°C to +190.5°C)
Current Rating 28 VDC 110 VAC, 60-400Hz
   Resistive 5 Amps
   Inductive 3 Amps
   Lamp 2 Amps
Minimum Life at Rated Load 25,000 cycles 25,000 cycles 25,000 cycles
Vibration Resistance - MILSTD- 202-204 (Test Condition A) 10 G 10 G 10 G
Shock Resistance 1/2 sine wave, 11ms duration 100 G w/o damage 100 G w/o damage 100 G w/o damage
Dielectric Strength 1250 VRMS 1250 VRMS 1250 VRMS
Contact Arrangement SPDT SPDT SPDT
Backfill n/a Dry nitrogen Dry nitrogen
Seal Enclosure 4, *Resilient Enclosure 5, **Hermetic Enclosure 5, **Hermetic
Weight 1.0 oz. max. 1.1 oz. max. 1.2 oz. max.