dc motor

The DSM9H is part of the Functional Safety family of encoders that are purpose-designed to mitigate the effects of potential failure modes. This makes them suitable for systems that are designed up to a SIL3 (PLe) rating. This version has a 90mm diameter body and attaches using an 12mm shaft.

Product Number Body Diameter Shaft/Bore Stainless Actual Resolution IP Rating
DSM911-1024-004 90mm 11mm N 1,024ppr IP66
DSM911-2048-005 90mm 11mm N 2,048ppr IP66
DSM912-1024-003 90mm 12mm N 1,024ppr IP66
DSM912-2048-002 90mm 12mm N 2,048ppr IP66
DSM9X 90mm 12mm Y 2,048cpt IP69K