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  • Retains proven high performance specifications & reliability of the Airpax™ LEG series
  • Low-depth design to minimize PDU intrusion into equipment rack space
  • Rear access screw terminals provide secure vibration resistant connection for high reliability applications
  • Terminal orientation allows simple power conductor routing and ease of assembly
  • Global agency certifications for UL60950 and EN60950 ITE requirements
  • Short toggle and flat rocker actuators available for protection against accidental “turn-off”
  • Barriers fold-away to allow easier screw access



Agency Certification Rated Amperage Maximum Voltage Short Circuit Amperage Phase
UL-489 1.00A - 30.0A 120vac, 50/60Hz 5,000A 1
UL-489 1.00A - 30.0A 120/240vac, 50/60Hz 5,000A 1
UL-489 1.00A - 50.0A 80vdc 5,000A -
UL-489 1.00A - 20.0A (3 pole) 208Y/120 5,000A 3
TÜV (EN60947-2) Ics 1.00A - 30.0A 250vac, 50/60Hz 3,000A 1
TÜV TUV (EN60947-2) Ics 1.00A - 50.0A 80vdc 3,000A -
TÜV (EN60947-2) Ics 1.00A - 30.0A 240/415vac, 50/60Hz 3,000A 1 & 3