dc motor

Flexmount are used to prevent the equipment shaft runout from grinding the encoder bearings. Either the rotor or the stator must be allowed some flexibility to account for shaft runout. Sometimes the encoder shaft is hard-coupled to the mating shaft, therefore the needs for a flexmount.

Tether arms are used to mount hollow shafted encoders to a standard NEMA motor face or other structure that is stationary in relation to the encoder shaft.  Couplings do for shafted encoders, what tether arms do for hollow-shaft encoders. Either the shaft can be rigidly fixed and allow the encoder body to move to accommodate runout, or the other way around.

Shafted encoders usually have the body rigidly fixed and use a flexible coupling to accommodate runout.  Conversely, hollow shaft style encoders have the bore fixed to a rotating shaft and use a tether arm to accommodate runout.



Part Number Description Works With
11008-00X Square Flange Mount High Load Bearing Assembly H25D, H20D, H38D Series
11009-00X Foot Mounted High Load Bearing Assembly H25D, H20DB, H38D Series
11012-006 NEMA 56 Face Adapter  H25, H38 Series
26068-00X Protective Cover Hollow Shaft Encoders
31134-001 Flexmount H20, HS20 Series
31165-00X Synchro Clamps H20E, H25E, H25G Series
31170-00X NEMA 34/42 Mounting Adapter HS20 Series
31215-002 Tether Arm Kit Hollow Shaft Encoders 
31215-004 Tether Arm Kit Hollow Shaft Encoders 
38228-00X 5PY Adapter H20D, H25D, H25E Series
38229-01 NEMA 23 Flange Mounting Adapter  HS20 Series
39074-XX-YY Servo-style Shaft Couplings Shafted Encoders
9400/XX-YY Spring Disc  LP Series
9403/XX-YY Secured Bellows  LP Series
9403/6-6 Bellows type 6mm x 6mm for MHM5 Encoder MHM5 Series
9403/6-10 Bellows type 6mm x 10mm for MHM5 Encoder MHM5 Series
9403/10-10 Bellows type 10mm x 10mm for MHM5 Encoder MHM5 Series
M9105/XXX Shaft System with Magnet ACW4 & TCW4 Series
M9202 Right Angle Mounting Bracket MHM5 Series
M9212-01 Spring Mounting MHM5 Series
M9230-03/XXX Ball End Tether with spacer Hazardous Encoders
M9230-04/XXX Ball End Tether with washer Hazardous Encoders
M9301/196 Installation Kit MAAX
M9410/009-XX Integrated Coupling LP35 Series
M9410/010-XXX Integrated Coupling LP35 Series Explosion Proof
M9410/011-XX Integrated Coupling MAAX Series
M9445/017 Flexmount MHK5 Series
M9455/008-XX Short Tether LP35 Series
M9455/053-XX Long Tether LP35 Series
M9455/059-XX Tether Pin Kit LP35 Series