dc motor

When an automation system requires a high degree of risk mitigation of failure modes, often times Functional Safety equipment can be a part of the solution. Sensata | BEI Sensors offers a wide range of Functional Safety encoders to fit most any application or electrical interface requirement. Rated at SIL3 (PLe), these encoders allow safe operation in set-up, production and maintenance modes, significantly reducing operational risks.

All encoders have the option of a Digital HTL or TTL operation as an alternative to the Sine/Cosine outputs found on most Functional Safety encoders. This makes them a compatible replacement for existing encoders when migrating to a higher safety level of operation.This encoder series employs a tapered hollow shaft style of mounting. It will accept a nominal 7.3 mm tapered shaft as the mounting shaft and has several a variety of flexible tethering options. The encoder body is a nominal 58mm diameter.

Product Number Body Diameter Shaft/Bore Aluminum Supply Voltage Actual Resolution
DSK5HKB-1024-005 58mm Blind tapered shaft H 11-30Vdc 1,024ppr

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