dc motor

MHM5 Profinet absolute multi-turn encoders are designed to be robust and compact with solid shaft version Ø 10mm standard, with Ø 6mm optional. Their precision ball bearings are with sealing flange. MHM5 absolutes have high temperature performance -40° to +85°C. Their code disc is made of unbreakable and durable plastic. They are immune to stray magnetics or electrical interference. The output format isProfidrive Profile 4.X, Encoder Profile 4.X. Profinet Connector. IP Rating: IP65 

Product Number Model No. Shaft Design Shaft Size Flange Type Max Resolution
MHM510-PNET-002 MHM5-EIB1B-1413-C100-PRM Profinet Solid Shaft 10 mm


13 bits (14 bits counter)
MHM506-PNET-001 MHM5-EIB1B-1213-S060-PRM Profinet Solid Shaft 6 mm Servo 13 bits
MHM510-PNET-001 MHM5-EIB1B-1213-C100-PRM Profinet Solid Shaft 10 mm Clamping 13 bits
MHM509-PNET-001 MHM5-EIB1B-1213-9A70-PRM Profinet Solid Shaft 3/8" 2.5" Square 13 bits