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Dimensions See Figure 1 (in datasheet)
Weight 2.1 oz. (Approx.)
Moment of Inertia 2.6 x 10-5oz in sec2
Bore Size see “Ordering Options”


Mount Holes #4-40 or M3 x 0.5 @ 180° on 1.812” dia. B.C.
Mount Hardware 2 socket head cap screws
Perpendicularity Shaft to Mount 0.002” TIR
Shaft Runout 0.005” max (each 0.0001 degrades accuracy by 0.5 arc minutes)
Shaft Endplay Dynamic or Static ±0.010”
Shaft Finish 16 micro inches or better. End must be chamfered or rounded
Shaft Tolerance nominal -0.0002”/-0.0007”
Shaft Length 0.56” minimum (remove cover button for motor through-shafts)


Code Incremental
Pulses per revolutions (PPR) See Ordering Options
Index Pulse Options MX212: No Index
MX213, MX216: U = Ungated Index, G = Gated Index
Supply Voltage 5 volts ±5% @ 80mA max.
Output Format MX212: Dual channel in quadrature
MX213: Dual channel in quadrature with index
MX216: Dual channel in quadrature with index and complements
Output Type MX212 & 213 : square wave TTL. 16mA sink 500ΩA source.
Short circuit protected
MX216: TTL differential line driver (26LS31 or equiv.) should be terminated into a line receiver (26LS32, or equivalent circuit)
Frequency Response Frequency (kHz) = (RPM X PPR)/60
Rise Time 1.0μ sec. max.