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Part #IWT-128

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  • Transmits up to 128 channels through a wireless link
  • Simple cable replacement system
  • Local indication of Input values
  • Expand the number of inputs through the use of IsoSlice I/O Modules
  • IWR-PORT receiver connects to IsoSlice units or outputs an Ethernet/RS-232/485 connection with a local display


Parameter Min Typ Max Comments
Supply Voltage 16 24V 30  
Supply Current (mA) 65   120 24Vdc supply
Input Impedance (Volt)   1MΩ    
Input Impedance (mA)   15Ω    
Volt Drop (mA input)   0.3   At 20mA input
Output Linearity Error   ±0.01% ±0.05%  
Temp Coefficient     ±100ppm/°C  
Operating Ambient  0°C   55°C  
Relative Humidity  0%   90%  
Isolation Voltage* 1 kV      
Surge Voltage 2.5kV for 50μs   Transient of 10kV / μs  
Mounting DIN Rail TS35
Orientation Any
Connections Screw Clamp with pressure plate
Conductor Size 0.5-4.0mm
Insulation Stripping 12mm
Weight Approx 120g
1. Power Input -ve
2. Power Input +ve

Please supply

Part Number: IWT-128

Power Supply: 24Vdc

Options: Extra I/O available through ISO-SLICE modules Ethernet or RS-232/485 comms port

Configuration Software*: IWR-Port

*Download free user configuration software.